May Beauty Obsessions

It never fails the end of month nears and I utter the words “I can’t believe it went by so fast.” A lot took place this month including the launch of this blog (yay). I hope that you’ve smiled while reading the posts and maybe found  a few of the tips helpful. We hope that you continue on this journey with us as we try to share honest, enjoyable content.

Each month I hope to share a list of go-to/must have items that somehow I wasn’t able to put down or couldn’t live without. These favorites will include beauty products, movies, books, music and more. First up is my all-time fav — lippies, Carmex to be specific.

  • Carmex. Oh how I love thee. I’ve been a fan since I was a child. When all of my friends were wearing makeup in middle school my mother only allowed Vaseline. Since it was my “lipstick” I would slather it on. I looked as if I’d been eating chicken. The shinier, the better. Then eventually I moved onto my first “pot” of Carmex and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve used other lip products including Bonne Bell’s Lip Smacker (6th grade) and Blistex and Soft Lips and regular old ChapStick. I’ve returned to Carmex time and time again. Over the years I’ve tried the different flavors, the stick form, the tube and the jars. I’m a simple kinda gal and I like the original flavor.
Carmex is my go-to for lip "moisturization."

Carmex is my go-to for lip “moisturization.”

  • Triple Lanolin lotion. I discovered this a few months ago, actually while in my first trimester and the “girls” were sore. I needed something moisturizing without being greasy and so I took to Google. I love the simplicity of the lotion because it doesn’t really have a fragrance and above all else, it’s not greasy? Did I mention it’s not greasy. If I’m going to slather lotion all over my chest then I don’t want to grease up my bed clothes. Now that I’m no longer in the sore boobies stage I still use the lotion all over in hopes of preventing stretch marks. I’ve heard pregnant women should moisturize and this works. My husband even uses it when he gets out of the shower.
Discovered Triple Lanolin when I needed a non-greasy, moisturizing lotion.

Discovered Triple Lanolin when I needed a non-greasy, moisturizing lotion.

  • Savannah Bee Company hand and nail salve. While on our honeymoon in Savannah, Ga. we went into a shop — Savannah Bee Company — that I thought just sold honey, boy was I wrong. The company sells honey, shampoo, body wash, soaps, body butters and lotions. The company was started by Ted Dennard, a beekeeper about 35 years ago. While at the store I zeroed in on the nail salve. It’s organic beeswax, olive oil and vitamin E oil. I gave it a try in the store and I was instantly in love. On most nights I massage a bit into my cuticles and the tips of my fingers. I like to take what’s left on the palms of my hands or what gets under my nails sometimes and rub it into my elbows or my feet. It’s really a great product.
Savannah Bee Company has made a great hand & nail salve. It can even be used on elbows and feet.

Savannah Bee Company has made a great hand & nail salve. It can even be used on elbows and feet.

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned. I just genuinely like them (but if you’re reading Carmex, Triple Lanolin and Savannah Bee, let’s talk).

Have you tried any of these products or like other items from these companies, let me know below? As always I’d love to chat with you via facebook, instagram or twitter.


Snack Attack

Not all snacks are created alike. There’s snacks that attack back like chocolate (trust I am a fan), chips (greasy, but I eat them too) and I could go on. But the purpose of this post is to tell you about the healthy foods I’ve been snacking since I’ve been pregnant.

I’ve always eaten healthy (and unhealthy) throughout my life. As a child my mother always made sure we had fresh fruit in the house. During strawberry and peach season we’d always go to the produce stand and within days we’d devour the juicy fruit.

It wasn’t strange for my mom to pick my sister and I up for school and have some oranges or other healthy goodies. So eating clean has been apart of my entire life. Now don’t get me wrong there have been times when I’ve downed a bag (yup, a bag) of mini Reese’s cups in an afternoon (the shame).

But unlike the crazy cravings of other preggo monsters out there I think I’ve eaten pretty healthy. I don’t have weird cravings and can usually be found snacking on fresh, sweet fruit, which brings me to my first healthy snack — strawberries.

Sweet Treats

  • Strawberries. I’ve eaten them and I just can’t stop. I’ve made several trips to a local produce stand that I’ve become a fan of and stop quite frequently. Usually at the top of my list along with other fruits and veggies are strawberries. I can’t resist them. I just eat them cold and plain. The sweeter the better. I’ve even learned a tip to finding the sweet ones. I got this tip from my boss who got it from a farmer so you know it’s true. OK, here goes, if the top part of the strawberry closest to the stem is concaved then it’s probably not that sweet, but if it’s raised (hallelujah) then you’ve got a sweetie.
Now this is how I prefer my strawberries. Cold and plain. The sweeter the better.

Now this is how I prefer my strawberries. Cold and plain. The sweeter the better.

  • Edamame. I was introduced to edamame or green soybeans at a sushi restaurant a few years ago. I had them steamed and lightly salted and that’s the way I prefer. Once I started eating them I did a little research and realized edamame is the “perfect” source of fiber, protein, vitamin C and vitamin A and iron.
  • Rice cakes. I like the mini caramel kind offered at Aldi. It gives me the sweet that I crave without the calories of say chocolate.
  • Fruit pouches. I tried these pouches on a whim. I figured if children like them then they can’t be that bad. The pouches are essentially blended fruit and kind of tastes like applesauce. It’s been years since I ate applesauce. These pouches from Aldi are all natural and are only 60 calories. I’ve never been a calorie counter, but if you are then that’s not too bad for a snack, right?. The best part is it has a top and the pouch can be resealed.


The fruit blend pouches taste just like applesauce. It’s low in calories and is all natural.

  • Fruit and nut bars. The Aldi (are you seeing a pattern here) version is similar to the popular KIND bars and I think with less salt. I don’t eat a lot of salt normally so when something is salty, I tend to taste it upfront. A friend of mine gave me a KIND bar recently with dark chocolate and I found it a little salty for my taste. It was delish, don’t get me wrong and maybe I’m used to the cheapy Aldi version. It was the only KIND bar I’ve tasted so maybe I’m discriminating. I like the cranberry + almond fruit bar. It’s gluten free for those of you out there whose body can’t process it or you are gluten free for other reasons.

I think the common denominator is sweet. I like sweet and all of these healthy snacks have that in common, well except for edamame. If you’ve tried any of these snacks (Aldi version or otherwise), or haven’t let me know. If you take a snapshot of your favorite healthy snack, share it with us on instagram, facebook, and twitter.

Don’t Stop the Music

Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart once said, “there’s nothing like music to relieve the soul and uplift it.”

My feelings about music are similar to how I feel about writing — it can change your mood, inspire, motivate, and relieve the soul. Music does so many things for so many people. The world would be a quieter, boring place without it.

Mood Music

Ever notice how you can be in a mood, good or bad, and hear a song and instantly you are somewhere else and afterward feeling something else?

There’s nothing like hearing your favorite or an “oldie but goodie” song on the radio. In my case it’s one I haven’t heard in a long time, but can take me right back to what I was doing, who I was with and in some cases when I first heard it.

It maybe cheesy now, but back in the day (the mid-90s) “MMMBop” by Hanson was the jam. It was catchy and it always takes me back to my time in London. I traveled there in high school on a trip with the Spanish and French clubs. We toured London, Paris and Madrid. Every little London shop had “MMMBop” in the background. Nothing takes me back to that time quite like hearing that song (not the food, smells or even the pictures).

I’m one of those people who don’t want to hear a sad song when I’m sad. I want to feel uplifted. I want to change my mood. My songs of choice are — “Glory” by Marvin Sapp, “Better Days” by Anthony Brown & Group Therapy, “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit featuring Jess Glynne.

Those songs just do it for me — the lyrics, the beat, the feelings I get from them. They are my instant mood changers.

We hope that Baby Walker will love and appreciate music as we do.

We hope that Baby Walker will love and appreciate music as much as we do.

Inspirational Music

As a writer I often get “writer’s block” and I don’t know what to say or how to say it. I could free write, but that just doesn’t always work for me, or I could just meditate or “empty my mind,” but who am I kidding? I don’t want an empty mind, I want thoughts, phrases and actions.

A trick I learned over the years is to let music drive me to create. Now I’ve heard some say it’s distracting and at times it can be, but sometimes a good song can inspire words to flow from your pen or the keyboard. When I was in elementary school and high school I needed a quiet space to write and at some point along the way I needed noise — music to be exact. A good song can give you the next page for an English term paper or in my case lately, the next line of a blog post.

Music can inspire you and spark creativity.

Music can inspire you and spark creativity.

Music Relief

My husband plays the drums and is learning to play the keyboard and at some point in the near future he has plans to move to the guitar. He’s an introvert and I tell you that because music is his relief. It’s the words he may not say or the emotions he may not express. He doesn’t read sheet music, but he plays by ear. I can often hear him tapping the keys, where he’ll either play along with a song he knows or just strings cords together that he created.

Music can calm the soul and losing yourself in it can change your situation or at the least your outlook on that situation.

It’s the same concept in a spa. No one goes to a spa for the music, but it’s a major part in how they feel afterward and the experience they have while there.

I know music will continue to be apart of our household even when this little nugget is out of the womb.

Please share what you are listening to and how music motivates or inspires you. As always we’d love to hear from you, follow us on our social media sites — instagram, twitter and facebook.

Pregnant Discoveries

Since I found out I was pregnant in February it’s been quite a learning experience and although everyone has an opinion or piece of advice (which I don’t mind hearing) there are some things former pregnant women and doctors just don’t tell you.

Warning: it may get ugly in here. Keep reading if you dare (men, if you are reading this you may want to turn away and come back for a blog post that is more user-friendly).

Alright shall we carry on.

The Things No One Told Me

  • Pins and needles. Pins and what!? Yes, girl. You will feel a sharp or prickly, at times painful, feeling in her feet or hands. In my case it was the left foot. The side of my left foot to be exact. I remember it well because the emotional trauma still haunts me. OK. I’m being a little bit more dramatic than it was, but ask my husband and he’ll tell you I was a “big baby” about the whole situation. Note: I am a wimp when it comes to pain. Headache, I take aspirin. Feet hurt, girl my heels come off and on go the flip flops. You get the point. But back to the pins and needles. The pain was only relieved by prayer, cause I sure cried out to sweet baby Jesus. I also put a hot water bottle on my foot and took 2 Tylenols.
  • Eat small meals. I hear so many women tell me “Oh I ate everything in sight,” or “I ate a whole pizza,” or “I snuck down to the kitchen and ate dinner, AGAIN.” OK, maybe that last one was an exaggeration, but I’m sure there is some pregnant woman out there or former fetus host who ate dinner again. (Don’t raise your hand if that’s you). Every single time I eat a heavy meal it makes sick, literally. Or I get such a bloated feeling that few things give me relief. Big meals may have worked for most, but not this mama. I stick to a good breakfast (always, even before Baby Walker), a medium sized lunch and dinner and two or three healthy snacks in between. Speaking of food.
  • Cravings. Every one wants to know “do you have any weird cravings?” Weird like how? Pickles and ice cream, fish and spaghetti, uh NO. I have always had an eclectic palate so honestly no food is really weird. But since we’re talking cravings. I so crave strawberries. The sweeter the better. The bigger the better, but I don’t discriminate against the baby ones. I’ve loved fruit since I was a kid, but Baby Walker and I have taken it to the nth degree. We eat fresh pineapples, green grapes, plums, apples, etc. But strawberries we’ll have a love affair with any day.
I haven't craved anything weird, mostly just juicy strawberries.

I haven’t craved anything weird, mostly juicy strawberries.

  • Hot flashes. I thought that was for menopausal women. You mean I’m going to be hot one minute and cold the next. Who said? Well, apparently the hormones said it. In all the advice giving no one told me I’d be cold and then sweat like a pig going to the slaughterhouse. I’ve always been cold natured and anemic, but that’s another story for another day. But these sudden bursts of hotness, hello!?
  • No glow, just dry. Maybe my glow will make its appearance later in pregnancy life, but right now my skin is dry like the desert. Normally, I’m a grease ball and in the winter I get a little dry around the nose and mouth area. It’s 80-degree May weather here in North Carolina and I’m all dried up. Luckily, I have a host of beauty products to try. Hopefully they’ll work because trust me it’s not cute looking all flaky and dry.
  • Alert, protect the bump. Baby Walker has not arrived and according to my “What to Expect” app, is the size of a turnip. Who knew I’d be so protective over a turnip. I don’t know what it is, but when people go in to touch the belly I get all ninja on them. I’m sure I’ve reached out and touched someone’s baby bump over the years, but I didn’t know how annoying it would be until now. Actually, it’s not so much annoying but I feel like it’s an invasion of our personal space. I’ve had a few people ask and I’ve had people who reach out and get a slap on the hand. I’ve considered getting a T-shirt that says “You Can’t Touch This” or something else more sarcastic, cause that’s what I do. For now I’ll be deploying the ninja skills and deflecting the hands.
My mini Walker bump. Photo cred: Jeanie Groh

My mini Walker bump. Photo cred: Jeanie Groh

  • Your breasteses will be sore. In the beginning of my first trimester I didn’t know the boobies would do that. I read it and I’m sure someone told me. It was all I could do to wear a bra and trust me these jugs need all the bra support they can get. So going bra-less was not an option. (TMI, well I did warn you).

What Every One Told Me

There are some things I hear often, nearly every day. Also there are tidbits about pregnant life that I already knew like the following:

  • Morning sickness will happen. It happened. It happened in the morning. It happened at night. It happened in the evening. I haven’t so much as gotten sick (just a few times), but mostly nausea. ALL DAY. I’ve eaten crackers, sucked on peppermint, drank ginger ale (Reed’s Ginger Brew, to be exact), and chewed these taffy-like ginger candies from my local health food store.
Ginger candy, Reed's Ginger Brew (looks like beer, but just stroooong ginger ale) and Crystallized ginger have seen me through nausea.

Ginger candy, Reed’s Ginger Brew (looks like beer, but just stroooong ginger ale) and Crystallized ginger have seen me through nausea.

  • Exhaustion is real. It’s an understatement. Now I’ve always been a fan of naps and don’t have a problem going to sleep quickly. But I’m tired even when I do have a nap. I’m tired if I go to bed at 8 p.m., which I have done. I’m tired when I think I have energy, cause it doesn’t last. I guess it’s foreshadowing what’s to come.
  • Cherish. I’ve heard it and I believe it. Cherish every moment, every pain, every emotion, every joy because it will sooner than you think be over. I can’t wait for our little one to arrive. I’m roughly four and a half months preggo and I’m relishing in the ups and downs of this journey and looking forward to the rest of the ride.

If you’re pregnant or have been, share your tips with me below. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media sites including facebook, twitter and instagram. Got a baby bump, share your pictures with me.

Calgon Take Me Away

Work got you stressed? Kids running around like they lost their minds? House a wreck? Laundry to be done? The weekday can be overwhelming and with so many demands on your time sometimes you just need a day to yourself.

It’s been awhile since I just had some me time. Ladies (and men) you know what I’m talking about — that day or few hours, if you’re lucky, when it’s just you and your favorite movie or a glass of wine (in my case tea), a mani/pedi or a nap (yay for naps). It’s a chance to unwind, get your mind off your troubles and be in your quiet place.

My me time usually includes an at-home pampering session complete with a bubble bath, facial, manicure, pedicure or even a deep hair condition (there’s nothing like a good scalp massage even if you have to give it to yourself, honey).

So enough delay because as soon as I’m done writing this it’s about to go down.

1. Prepare. I like to prepare for my at-home pamper session by getting all the “ingredients” for what I’m about to do. My ingredients include a clay mask, bubble bath, nail polish, foot creams/lotions or oils, Epsom salt, music or a movie, candles and my drink of choice.

2. Pamper. I whip up a clay mask (while the bath is running), sip on my drink, prep my music or Netflix, turn the lights off and light my candles. I could soak for hours, but I usually get out when I’m almost asleep or wrinkled. Sometimes I scrub the feet or myself while in the tub or shave, but mostly I’m there to just soak.

3. Post. I’m always in such a good mood post pampering so I take the time for a manicure or pedicure.

It’s really that easy. But it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share some trade secrets.

The mask I use is Aztec Indian Healing Clay. I got it from my sister. The directions recommend water or apple cider vinegar. I’ve tried both and prefer the texture and benefits of apple cider vinegar.

I’ve found that the mask itches a bit and my face pulses once it’s drying so my solution to that is to rub a thin layer of jojoba oil or olive oil on my face prior to applying the mask. Use any oil you like. Afterward I apply a facial serum and a moisturizing night cream, in this case, Dermasil.

After a deep cleansing clay mask I used a facial serum (olive oil based Squalane) and a creamy night time moisturizer (Dermasil).

After a deep cleansing clay mask I use a facial serum (olive oil based Squalane) and a creamy night time moisturizer (Dermasil).

Bubble bath doesn’t have to be expensive it just needs to feel luxurious. I recently concocted a bubble bath recipe that worked well for me. I used a cheapo shower/bath gel from Dollar Tree, added in one drop of lavender essential oil, a drop of vanilla extract, Epsom salt and a few squirts of castile soap.

A bubble bath can really be what you make it or you can simply sit in a warm bath with baking soda or throw in some scented baby oil. Now baking soda isn’t just to keep the fridge fresh. Did you know it can detoxify you and soften dry skin. It’s true. It’s chemical free, colorless and odorless.

Don’t want to pay for a clay mask then make your own with plain uncoated white aspirin (sorry Tylenol, Advil, Aleve). Yup. I said aspirin. (Now if you’re allergic you might want to test this on your arm or leg before applying to the face). Mix 4-6 aspirin in plain lukewarm water until it forms into a paste.

You can jazz it up by adding a dollop of honey, which will make it thicker, plain yogurt or aloe vera gel to soothe the skin. Apply, let dry, rinse off. Sidebar: Honey, especially raw, is very moisturizing, antibacterial and it has great antioxidants.

I typically start on my feet first because it’s quicker. If I haven’t been in a tub soaking then I soak my feet in Epsom salt (I use the scented kind) and essential oil (one drop will do), or Bath & Body Works True Blue Mega Mint Foot Soak (I’ve had it for years) or you can use the same bubble bath or shower gel that you used in the tub.

I scrub my feet with a foot file or a pumice stone and a bit of a Sally Hansen foot scrub or Bath & Body Works body scrub. I take the scrub all the way up to the calf.

Soak for about 15 minutes and pat dry. I spray my feet and calves with the Healing Garden cooling foot spray and slather on a heavy foot cream or lotion. I wipe off the excess lotion on the toe nails and begin painting, starting with my base coat. The nails take me a little longer because I let each coat dry for 5-10 minutes before applying the next.

Painting my nails and toes relaxes me.

Painting my nails and toes relaxes me.

I almost forgot about the spa water. My co-worker, Jeanie, made some at a recent gathering she had so I just wanted to try my hand at it. I literally just mixed a few chopped strawberries and thinly sliced lemon into a pitcher filled with filtered water. I let it “steep” for a few hours.

Liquids — tea, wine, “spa water” or whatever your drink of choice is, sip girl, sip.

Whether my drink of choice is "spa water" or hot tea, it just puts me at ease.

Whether my drink of choice is “spa water” or hot tea, it just puts me at ease.

So I’ve given you my tips and “trade secrets” on how to have a relaxing at-home spa day. Let me know if you try any or all of the tips or comment below with your favorite at-home spa routines. Use #walkerpamperme on your social media sites so I can find you.

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Lessons From Mama

Growing up in a small town my only concerns were getting to play outdoors and planning outfits with my childhood best friend. My mother was mainly a stay-at-home mom over the years who worked when she wanted. My sister and I went to church on Sundays, sometimes twice, choir rehearsal on Saturdays and bible study on Thursdays.

But those in between times we went to the movies, to Carowinds, which was the nearest theme park, had family cookouts, shopped for clothes or school supplies, ate homemade ice cream, had large Saturday and Sunday morning breakfasts and dinners, had dates — all of which was experienced with our mother, Margaret.

Everybody knew my mother, all of my friends, my sister’s friends, and even people we didn’t know. “Hey Mrs. Potts,” she would hear children shout from the halls of our school, which she frequently made surprise appearances. Now she’s “Mama Potts” to all of our friends and “Grandma Margaret” to my nieces and their friends. There’s many lessons I learned from my mother over the years, but these are the ones that come to mind.

 Lessons I Learned from Mama

  1. Be there. Two simple words with a huge impact. I may forget certain childhood memories or exactly how they happened, but above all else I remember she was there. If we had a school ceremony she was there. If we wanted some quality time we had mother-daughter dates. If we fell she was there to wipe the scratches and put Vaseline on them (because “Vaseline takes care of everything” or so she said). The main reason she was there was honestly, sometimes my dad was not. She didn’t work because she believed and still does that the Lord would provide.
  2. Love Unconditionally. It’s a fundamental truth in the bible that Jesus Christ loves us unfailingly. I saw it in my mother every day of my life. I’m sure there were times my sister and I disappointed her, but she loved us anyway. Not only us, but others. She would give you a kind or at times, a firm word and move on, but she did it out love. I grew to realize that sadly not every parent loves their child. But I knew my mother loved me and still does, unfailingly.
  3. Laugh often. Growing up my mother was at many times very serious and she still is today. She didn’t sugar coat and meant what said, but there were those times when something was truly funny, she laughed. She laughed loudly, uncontrollably at times and until her eyes became watery, her shoulders shook and she was doubled over. It’s OK to be serious, but there’s always room for laughter. I do it quite often, which annoys my sister because she says I laugh like a roller coaster before take off.
  4. Be You. My mother was unapologetically the same person outside of our house as she was behind closed doors. She spoke her mind and then she was finished. She was confident in her words and actions. She held her head high when she walked. Somewhere along the way I learned from her to hold my head up high and walk confidently even if I’m not on the inside. I talk a lot (ask my fourth or sixth grade teachers) and sometimes I get loud when I’m excited, I crack my knuckles (and it annoys my mother and my husband), I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, but that’s just me.
  5. Bargain shop. Growing up we were always, always on a “penny” budget. “No other family is on a penny budget,” my sister and I would argue. But my mother knew how to score a good deal. When we were kids and shopped for school supplies the cashier would say “ma’am only 10 tablets per customer.” My mother would quickly ask, “are you saying my child is not a customer?” It’s how we walked out of the store with 30 tablets for the school year. I thought it was embarrassing, but once we were done school shopping we had enough supplies for the year (and sometimes the year after) and for kids whose parents could not afford them. My sister calls me cheap, but says “Oh why didn’t you get me one,” when I tell her about a deal I found.

As I embark on motherhood myself I’m daring to dream that I’m half as good. I’m just hoping that my son or daughter will think I’m annoying sometimes, strict at others, God-fearing, funny, serious, a penny-pincher, confident, present, and above all — love them unfailingly. Happy Mother’s Day.

Salisbury Through Pictures

Salisbury — the picturesque town of over 33,000 people is the place I’ve called home for the last 10 years. It’s also the place my husband was born. Salisbury is home to Cheerwine, Livingstone and Catawba colleges. It’s also the place for jazz, barbecue, antique stores, theaters, gift shops, and bookstores.

The Meroney Theater, a 110-year-old building that is home to Piedmont Players.

The Meroney Theater, a 110-year-old building that is home to Piedmont Players.

Anthony Fisher, a local antique dealer, just recently opened his own shop.

Anthony Fisher, a local antique dealer, just recently opened his own shop.

I met Anthony Fisher a couple of weeks ago while out taking pictures. He asked me if I was a photographer (quite a compliment, but not entirely the truth) and invited me inside his shop. He told me about the history of the building, which is one of the oldest in downtown, and how he got started. Anthony began collecting antiques when he was 18 and hasn’t stopped since. He’s now selling many of the items he’s collected over the years. He showed me some Rowan County 1790s furniture and wowed me with so much more local and North Carolina history.

I loved how the evening sun shines through these drinking glasses so I took a picture.

I loved how the evening sun sparkled through these drinking glasses so I took a picture.

One of my most memorable dates with my husband was when we were just dating and we had a picnic at Hurley Park. Through the years we’ve gone on evening walks at the park and I’ve even played photographer and took some prom pictures at the park.

The place many Salisburians go to walk, relax, picnic, and even take prom pictures.

The place many Salisburians go to walk, relax, picnic, and even take prom pictures.

This is the spot where Vanzie and I had our picnic. It drizzled a little bit so we ducked into the gazebo.

This is the spot where Vanzie and I had our picnic. It drizzled a little bit so we ducked into the gazebo.

I love flowers (although I can't grow them) and there a variety in Hurley Park.

I love flowers (although I can’t grow them) and there a variety in Hurley Park.

This foot bridge leads into a walking trail at Hurley Park.

This foot bridge leads into a walking trail at Hurley Park.

The Rail Walk Arts District is the place to find Lee Street Theatre and the Norvell Children’s Theatre (just around the corner) and a number of art galleries and studios as well as antique shops and other businesses. The studios are housed in what used to be a warehouse.

Rail Walk home to the Arts District, not far from downtown Salisbury.

Rail Walk home to the Arts District, not far from Innes Street in downtown Salisbury.

There’s so much to see and do in Salisbury and in the surrounding towns. If you’re ever in the area, stop by and check it out for yourself. I hope you’ve enjoyed this photo tour of my city. If you live in Salisbury or have been to Salisbury tell me some of your favorite stops.