I Stole My Baby’s Aquaphor

I have a confession to make… I stole my baby’s Aquaphor. I know it’s wrong, but there’s just so many good uses. We received lots of Aquaphor when our little one was born and don’t get me wrong, I still use it to prevent diaper rash and to moisturize her skin. I just occasionally sneak and use it for myself.

I knew it must be a good product if it was used by the NICU staff to prevent diaper rash and as a moisturizer. I began using the Aquaphor when I rubbed her down with it after a bath. I would spread a little on the back of my hand and just slather her in it. Sometimes I’d have some leftover so I’d rub it on my elbows or my chapped lips.

This got me wondering what other uses this heavenly product had so of course I started experimenting. Here are just some of the ways I use Aquaphor:

• Scar prevention.

It helps protect small cuts, burns and scrapes from becoming infected and it also boosts the healing if you do get a cut, burn or scrape.

• Soothe chapped lips.

You can smooth the product over your lips to keep them soft and use it to exfoliate chapped lips using a cloth or toothbrush.

• Hydrate dry skin.

Bring dry skin back to life with a swipe of this product on feet, heels, elbows, knees, face. Note: if you have a raw nose after constantly wiping from a cold, Aquaphor will calm the redness.

• Makeup remover.

Similar to cold cream, rub a little Aquaphor on the face and use a tissue or soft cloth to easily remove makeup.

• Extend the life of perfume.

Now I typically don’t wear perfume everyday, but on special occasions I want it to last. I used to do this with Vaseline, but just place a bit on the spot before you apply your perfume and it’ll last a lot longer.

I've used this product in many different ways. https://thehousethatwalkerbuilt.wordpress.com/

I’ve used this product in many different ways.

• Cuticle ointment.

Place a dab of this into your cuticles just as you would a cuticle cream or oil.

• Lip Gloss.

Create the perfect pink lipgloss with a dab of Aquaphor and blush.

• Brow Tamer.

Tame those wild eyebrow hairs with a swipe of the product.

I have literally taken over my baby’s Aquaphor so much so I now travel with it in my purse and her diaper bag.

How do you use Aquaphor? Let me know via facebook, instagram, or twitter.


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