Spring Break Survival Kit

Ahh! spring break, the quintessential American tradition of ditching your studies for a week of sunnier skies. Believe me when I tell you I am far removed from a wild college spring break trip, but I still love to travel. There are so many beautiful places I’ve been and plenty more places I’ve yet to see.

I got the traveling bug in middle school when my science teacher planned a trip to Bermuda to study coral reef. I was 14 and I’ve been traveling ever since.

I’ve traveled to the Bahamas (on more than 2 occasions), London, Paris, Madrid, St. Kitts, Honduras, Cozumel, Costa Maya, Roatan, Grand Cayman Islands, and Puerto Rico. There’s some more that I’m sure I’ve forgotten. I’ve flown across the country, been on cruise ships and long car rides and along the way I’ve learned a thing or two about what to bring on a trip.

There are some essentials that you need, in my opinion, that just make the trip more enjoyable. Trust me when I tell you it sucks to visit another country and realize you left your deodorant or favorite sunglasses on your vanity.

I’ve created a spring break survival kit that includes items I would bring on a spring break trip. But let’s not stop there. This kit can be used for anyone, not just spring breakers. So whether you are going with your sorority sisters to Cabo or a family vacation to Myrtle Beach I hope you’ll find this survival kit helpful.

Below you’ll also find a packing list. I’m generally an overpacker, but making a list is a way to see what you’ve got and what you don’t need.



  1. Tory Burch, thong sandals. These sandals can dress up a nighttime look or just for touring your spring break destination.
  2. Midway Weekender, tote. This travel tote has a separate bottom compartment for shoes or even a wet swimsuit.
  3. L.L. Bean, sun hat. This hat is easy to pack and its extra-wide brim is great for a day in the sun.
  4. Ray Ban, sunnies. These aviator gradient sunglasses are quite stylish.
  5. Dooney & Bourke, crossbody bag. This bag is spacious enough to store all of your essentials and is great for a weekend trip.
  6. Eco Swim, halter one-piece swimsuit. The ruching is very flattering for any body type and the vibrant color is perfect for spring.
  7. La Roche-Posay, Anthelios ultra light sunscreen, spf 60.
  8. Campus Water Bottle, Victoria’s Secret. Stay hydrated and store snacks in a separate bottom compartment.
  9. Neutrogena, makeup remover wipes. These wipes effectively remove dirt, makeup and oil for a fresh, clean face.
  10. Mophie, powerstation. This portable charger is like an energy drink for your smartphone or tablet. Charge on the go.

Packing Tips

Here are my top tips (most by trial and error) learned from traveling:

1. Bring Essentials. Pack only what you think you’ll need. Trust me you will shop and will need that extra suitcase space or if you can bring an extra small bag for gifts and souvenirs that will allow you to pack more, yay!

2. Multi-wear. Think about the clothing items in your suitcase. What can be worn in multiple ways. White jeans and maxi skirts can be dressed up or down and so can a pair of T-strap sandals like these ones from Go Jane.

3. Travel size. Always pack smaller versions of regular sized items. If your favorite perfume isn’t available in a travel-friendly size, then decant it. Fill your perfume into a stylish refillable container like this one from Travalo. Most superstores like Walmart and Target as well as beauty supplies stores like Ulta and Sephora carry travel sized items.

4. Minimalist. When I travel I am a minimalist. I try to keep it simple because frankly it’s about spending time with family, friends, shopping, and sightseeing. Remember in my Road Trip post from June 2015 I talked about using products with a dual purpose. The best way to pack less is see what you can use in place of something else. For example, why pack cream eyeliner when you can drag a thin brush over your mascara wand or no space for lipsticks then bring a great lip liner and some gloss.


Here's a packing list. Print it out or save it for your next spring break trip or family vacation. https://thehousethatwalkerbuilt.wordpress.com/

Here’s a packing list. Print it out or save it for your next spring break trip or family vacation.

What are your travel essentials? I’d love to hear your packing tips. Share with me via twitter or instagram.


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