Spring Cleaning: Car Edition

We are always on the go. Simply put we spend a lot of time in our car and sometimes it gets messy. I know we are not the only family whose car looks very lived in. We won’t show you the before pictures but let’s just say the Honda needed a bath.
Since we didn’t have the time to actually wash the car we did “cheat” and went to a car wash. Actually I had a gift card for a free wash at Jimmy Clean’s which was what we used. Thankfully Jimmy Clean’s includes free vacuum service (yay!). But what about cleaning the tires and the dashboard and center console? Sorry Jimmy, but that wasn’t part of my gifted cleaning package.
Hunty, I’m all about the DIY. Let me tell you I scoured the internets, as my girl Lonnie Love would say, and found a very easy DIY “Armor-All” Tire and dashboard cleaner. Now the version I found had the mixture in a larger spray bottle, but she ain’t got time to go buy one when we have a mini bottle on hand.
So my version cost me…..wait for it….wait….74 cents. What the What? I had everything except Dawn dish soap. But if you have to run out and buy these items, go to my favorite store — the Dollar Tree and save yourself some dough. So you know one ingredient. Here’s the other two: baby oil and water. Easy peasy. The dish soap was on sale at Walgreens for 74 cents with a coupon. I already had baby oil and I got my water straight from the tap.
Follow the directions below to learn how I cleaned my dirty tires and car interior.
Three ingredients — baby oil, Dawn, water. https://thehousethatwalkerbuilt.wordpress.com/

Three ingredients — baby oil, Dawn, water.

We used my version of Armor All to give some shine to my tires. We did have to take an old toothbrush to get into the grooves and loosen up some of that dirt. Afterward we took a cloth to wipe the hub cap. We agreed this DIY worked better on the hub caps than the tires. You be the judge.
Before and after DIY Armor All. https://thehousethatwalkerbuilt.wordpress.com/

Before and after DIY Armor All. These hub caps are much improved.

If you try this DIY, let us know how it works for you via instagram or twitter.

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