I’m a Mom…What’s Your Superpower

This September our daughter will be two and my hubby and I will be married for three years. As a new mom and new wife I’m still learning to balance work, family church and all the little in between things that can suck up your time.

I recently attended my first ever women’s conference at Ridgecrest in Black Mountain, North Carolina where the theme was Super Women. It was three days of absolute empowerment. I learned so much about myself and who I am as a Christian woman, a mother and friend.

Some of the workshop sessions were about discovering your kryptonite, using the word to tap into power, and unleashing the superpower within. I heard so many wonderful testimonies from other women who have really overcome some situations that would cripple non-superwomen.

I recently attended a women’s conference at Ridge Crest in Black Mountain, NC. It was awesome.

So before the conference I was starting to feel that I was failing as a wife, a working mom and sister. I was trying to be the perfect wife, the perfect mommy, perfect matron of honor that I thought my sister needed me to be. As mothers, as women we have a tendency to want everything to be perfect and it’s just an unrealistic expectation.

I think I have this mentality that “I don’t want to seem like I can’t manage the household, be a good wife, take care of baby girl, help get my sister down the aisle, do church work, and maintain all of the responsibilities at the job in which I get paid to focus on work.”

If I’m honest with myself, like most moms we don’t want to admit that sometimes we just can’t get it all done today. Sometimes there are days that require a lot of juggling just to accomplish a fraction of your massive to-do list.

But as a busy moms we have to remember that we are capable of thriving in may facets of our lives.

Instead of focusing on what I wasn’t accomplishing, I began to look at what all I had accomplished. My child was healthy, happy, fed and clothed. My husband had a home cooked meal 6 nights out of the week (shoot even Jesus Christ rested on the 7th day).

So I only got through with 4 stories that day at work instead of 6 (If you don’t know I’m a reporter for a daily newspaper). Ok I only drank 4 glasses of water and I ate chocolate before dinner. Ok I left dishes in the sink, but at least my family ate a great meal.

We as women put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be supermom more than anyone ever expects us to be.

I’ve come to realize that I manage to get a lot done before most people arrive for work.

Look at all I’ve managed to accomplish.

So I say to any mother who is doubting her abilities and questioning whether she is doing a good job — you are a good mother. If someone says oh you’re a mom as if it’s a bad thing look them straight in the eye and say: I’m a mom what’s your superpower?

I’m a Supermom….What’s your superpower?

If you’re a supermom I want to hear about it. Share your stories of being a superwoman or knowing a superwoman in the comments below or share a superwoman photo via instagram or twitter or facebook.


It’s My Blogiversary

This month 2 years ago I began blogging. I took a hiatus but I’m baaaaaaacccckk.

What was supposed to be a holiday time off became a four and a half month break, but what can I say, but life got hectic. It still is, but I missed blogging and hope that with a regular one day a week post that I can still make time for family, church, work and give you a great quality blog.

I’m hoping to do more DIYs, recipes, mommy stuff. That said I’ve got some exciting blogs planned. But for now here’s a few of my favorite blog posts from the past 2 years.

I’m always on the go for either work, family, church and have to really maximize my time. So I had an idea that there are probably things that all moms and some dads do to manage their time. I created a list of 10 things this busy mom does.

Moms and dads are always juggling something. Here you’ll find some tips to streamline your load.

I love a good slice or three of pizza. We have our favorites and have quickly added our own at-home pizza to this list. It’s such an easy way to add everybody’s favorite ingredients and heck make it healthy and do all veggies.

The post I created in October was the first time we made our own pizza and we have since then perfected our recipe and tried different ingredients. But if you are looking for an easy at-home pizza recipe then look now further.

The ingredients are fresh and pre-made to create one delish pizza.

When my Bath & Body Works Peach Bellini foam soap ran out this DIY Diva had to create her own. I had so much fun creating this for my Tip Tuesday series. I did try other “soaps” first like the original blue Dawn, but the Olay Hand Renewal version left my hands clean and soft and isn’t that the point. It only required like two “ingredients” — Dawn liquid soap and water. That’s it. Pour in water, mix in a few squirts of the soap and you have DIY Foam Hand Soap.

A little Dawn dish soap, water and a reused foam soap dispenser is all you need to make your own.

The last post I thoroughly enjoyed and still love is the last one before my break — Relax….it’s the Holidays. In that December post I talked about how holidays can be stressful, duh. So instead of holiday food recipes or Christmas decorating tips, I shared how to relax. Yasss, girl.

I created, with the help of the Internet, three detox bath recipes. I’ve always been a bath person and when I was pregnant bath time was such a relaxing way to end my day. So without any further discussion here’s my favorite detox bath recipe. Check the blog post for more.

epsom salt, baking soda and essential oil make for simple and relaxing detox bath.

If you are a follower of the House That Walker Built and have a favorite post, please comment below. Or share with me on any our socials if you’ve re-created or used any of my blog tips via instagram, twitter or facebook.