It’s My Blogiversary

This month 2 years ago I began blogging. I took a hiatus but I’m baaaaaaacccckk.

What was supposed to be a holiday time off became a four and a half month break, but what can I say, but life got hectic. It still is, but I missed blogging and hope that with a regular one day a week post that I can still make time for family, church, work and give you a great quality blog.

I’m hoping to do more DIYs, recipes, mommy stuff. That said I’ve got some exciting blogs planned. But for now here’s a few of my favorite blog posts from the past 2 years.

I’m always on the go for either work, family, church and have to really maximize my time. So I had an idea that there are probably things that all moms and some dads do to manage their time. I created a list of 10 things this busy mom does.

Moms and dads are always juggling something. Here you’ll find some tips to streamline your load.

I love a good slice or three of pizza. We have our favorites and have quickly added our own at-home pizza to this list. It’s such an easy way to add everybody’s favorite ingredients and heck make it healthy and do all veggies.

The post I created in October was the first time we made our own pizza and we have since then perfected our recipe and tried different ingredients. But if you are looking for an easy at-home pizza recipe then look now further.

The ingredients are fresh and pre-made to create one delish pizza.

When my Bath & Body Works Peach Bellini foam soap ran out this DIY Diva had to create her own. I had so much fun creating this for my Tip Tuesday series. I did try other “soaps” first like the original blue Dawn, but the Olay Hand Renewal version left my hands clean and soft and isn’t that the point. It only required like two “ingredients” — Dawn liquid soap and water. That’s it. Pour in water, mix in a few squirts of the soap and you have DIY Foam Hand Soap.

A little Dawn dish soap, water and a reused foam soap dispenser is all you need to make your own.

The last post I thoroughly enjoyed and still love is the last one before my break — Relax….it’s the Holidays. In that December post I talked about how holidays can be stressful, duh. So instead of holiday food recipes or Christmas decorating tips, I shared how to relax. Yasss, girl.

I created, with the help of the Internet, three detox bath recipes. I’ve always been a bath person and when I was pregnant bath time was such a relaxing way to end my day. So without any further discussion here’s my favorite detox bath recipe. Check the blog post for more.

epsom salt, baking soda and essential oil make for simple and relaxing detox bath.

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Calgon Take Me Away

Work got you stressed? Kids running around like they lost their minds? House a wreck? Laundry to be done? The weekday can be overwhelming and with so many demands on your time sometimes you just need a day to yourself.

It’s been awhile since I just had some me time. Ladies (and men) you know what I’m talking about — that day or few hours, if you’re lucky, when it’s just you and your favorite movie or a glass of wine (in my case tea), a mani/pedi or a nap (yay for naps). It’s a chance to unwind, get your mind off your troubles and be in your quiet place.

My me time usually includes an at-home pampering session complete with a bubble bath, facial, manicure, pedicure or even a deep hair condition (there’s nothing like a good scalp massage even if you have to give it to yourself, honey).

So enough delay because as soon as I’m done writing this it’s about to go down.

1. Prepare. I like to prepare for my at-home pamper session by getting all the “ingredients” for what I’m about to do. My ingredients include a clay mask, bubble bath, nail polish, foot creams/lotions or oils, Epsom salt, music or a movie, candles and my drink of choice.

2. Pamper. I whip up a clay mask (while the bath is running), sip on my drink, prep my music or Netflix, turn the lights off and light my candles. I could soak for hours, but I usually get out when I’m almost asleep or wrinkled. Sometimes I scrub the feet or myself while in the tub or shave, but mostly I’m there to just soak.

3. Post. I’m always in such a good mood post pampering so I take the time for a manicure or pedicure.

It’s really that easy. But it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share some trade secrets.

The mask I use is Aztec Indian Healing Clay. I got it from my sister. The directions recommend water or apple cider vinegar. I’ve tried both and prefer the texture and benefits of apple cider vinegar.

I’ve found that the mask itches a bit and my face pulses once it’s drying so my solution to that is to rub a thin layer of jojoba oil or olive oil on my face prior to applying the mask. Use any oil you like. Afterward I apply a facial serum and a moisturizing night cream, in this case, Dermasil.

After a deep cleansing clay mask I used a facial serum (olive oil based Squalane) and a creamy night time moisturizer (Dermasil).

After a deep cleansing clay mask I use a facial serum (olive oil based Squalane) and a creamy night time moisturizer (Dermasil).

Bubble bath doesn’t have to be expensive it just needs to feel luxurious. I recently concocted a bubble bath recipe that worked well for me. I used a cheapo shower/bath gel from Dollar Tree, added in one drop of lavender essential oil, a drop of vanilla extract, Epsom salt and a few squirts of castile soap.

A bubble bath can really be what you make it or you can simply sit in a warm bath with baking soda or throw in some scented baby oil. Now baking soda isn’t just to keep the fridge fresh. Did you know it can detoxify you and soften dry skin. It’s true. It’s chemical free, colorless and odorless.

Don’t want to pay for a clay mask then make your own with plain uncoated white aspirin (sorry Tylenol, Advil, Aleve). Yup. I said aspirin. (Now if you’re allergic you might want to test this on your arm or leg before applying to the face). Mix 4-6 aspirin in plain lukewarm water until it forms into a paste.

You can jazz it up by adding a dollop of honey, which will make it thicker, plain yogurt or aloe vera gel to soothe the skin. Apply, let dry, rinse off. Sidebar: Honey, especially raw, is very moisturizing, antibacterial and it has great antioxidants.

I typically start on my feet first because it’s quicker. If I haven’t been in a tub soaking then I soak my feet in Epsom salt (I use the scented kind) and essential oil (one drop will do), or Bath & Body Works True Blue Mega Mint Foot Soak (I’ve had it for years) or you can use the same bubble bath or shower gel that you used in the tub.

I scrub my feet with a foot file or a pumice stone and a bit of a Sally Hansen foot scrub or Bath & Body Works body scrub. I take the scrub all the way up to the calf.

Soak for about 15 minutes and pat dry. I spray my feet and calves with the Healing Garden cooling foot spray and slather on a heavy foot cream or lotion. I wipe off the excess lotion on the toe nails and begin painting, starting with my base coat. The nails take me a little longer because I let each coat dry for 5-10 minutes before applying the next.

Painting my nails and toes relaxes me.

Painting my nails and toes relaxes me.

I almost forgot about the spa water. My co-worker, Jeanie, made some at a recent gathering she had so I just wanted to try my hand at it. I literally just mixed a few chopped strawberries and thinly sliced lemon into a pitcher filled with filtered water. I let it “steep” for a few hours.

Liquids — tea, wine, “spa water” or whatever your drink of choice is, sip girl, sip.

Whether my drink of choice is "spa water" or hot tea, it just puts me at ease.

Whether my drink of choice is “spa water” or hot tea, it just puts me at ease.

So I’ve given you my tips and “trade secrets” on how to have a relaxing at-home spa day. Let me know if you try any or all of the tips or comment below with your favorite at-home spa routines. Use #walkerpamperme on your social media sites so I can find you.

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